New Rub Rail

This project took on a life of it’s own.
I can honestly say that without the efforts of a few good friends it would not have happened.
(I am behind posting this as it was installed a year ago.)

After some research and phone calls to suppliers searching for the size and look that I wanted, I decided on SPHAERA 25 Rub Rail.

Here’s what it looks like

As it turned out my good friend Ross was also looking to change the Rub Rail on his 26 Tolly,
(see pictures at the end)

So…… While I ordered the product and arranged the transport, Ross took on the role of installer! Our mutual friend Gary also took charge. For the most part I was the “helper” on this project as they had developed an excellent system.

The first job was to remove the old scratched up original rub rail.

The next job was to clean up behind and under the old rub rail. We also filled and sanded the old screw holes and checked the hull to deck caulking. We used INTERLUX epoxy filler to fill the holes. The hull to deck joint caulking was in good shape.

The black PVC Base comes in a long single roll. We found it better to leave it out in the sun to warm up and then roll it out.

We used a thick bead of SIKAFLEX behind the BASE before positioning it on the boat and applying the stainless rails.

The PVC base is supplied and installed all in one run without any joints or seams. We used tape to hold the base up and in place until we were ready to apply the Sikaflex and stainless.

The stainless “bars” or Rails come in 9 foot lengths and have a core of a rubberized type material called Duralene that makes them flexible and strong.
We used the optional joint caps to hide the ends. (stock photo shown below)

We positioned the stainless over the base then drilled through the base and into the cap rail of the boat.
We put a “dab” of Sika on each fastener and screwed them in.

Gary inspecting the base for position

Ross cutting the stainless to fit the “shear” portion of the rub rail

It’s a multi person job to install the stainless. One to hold it in place, one to drill the hole into the cap rail, one to apply Sikaflex to the screw, one to actually install the screw and then at least one to clean up any excess Sikaflex. (or “schmegg” as they nicknamed it.)

Miriam was the best clean up expert.

We saved installing the rub rail on the swim step until the boat was “on the hard”. The base and the stainless take a radius curve very well and is easily shaped to fit around the swim grid and transom.

I am really happy with the way it turned out. I think it updates the look of the boat.

Many Many THANKS to Ross, Gary and Miriam for the hard work getting this project done !!

If your interested in more information,

The product was sourced from FISHERIES SUPPLY and usually needs to be ordered in.

More information can be found here. TESSILMARE

Here are a few pictures of the Rub Rail that Ross installed on his Tolly 26 “UnTide”
You can see he and Gary did an excellent job and perfected the installation technique !

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