Bow Thruster

Last Year we started thinking of adding a bow thruster.

After extensive research and asking lots of questions regarding sizing, power and placement we found a great off season deal at FISHERIES so we decided to move forward.

This Spring the project came to life.

We chose the LEWMAR 185TT 5HP with the standard joystick controls at both helms.

First up was to remove the floor under the V berth to gain access.

Measuring and cutting the floor out

We had contracted with local fiberglass expert RON TOMAS for the install. Ron does a great job and allowed me to help with the process!

Measure 10 times before you cut the first hole
Scribing the line for the cut out

Here are 2 quick video links to the actual cutting / sawing:

Cutting the hole

Next the tube gets located, cut and glassed on the inside and outside.

The tube is 8″ and is installed extra long to allow for a flange to be glassed in the forward edge. This results in reduced drag and noise as well as improving performance.

Below is a look at the tube on the inside. (Interesting to see the light coming through before the hull and tube are painted)

Glass work continues and the hull is faired. The forward flange is formed at this point.

Barrier coat and bottom paint is applied prior to the gearbox and prop being installed.

Almost done on the outside

The flange is mounted to the tube then the floor is replaced and glassed back in.
Then the motor is mounted.

Lower Helm Joystick
Upper Helm Joystick

Great to have this project wrapped up before the season began.

All in all we are very pleased with the addition and the performance.

Here are the products we used for this project




AC Charger:

DC charging isolator:

Battery Box:

Foot Note:

Below is a picture of the actual holes that were cut out.

Notice the thickness of fiberglass of the hull.
Also, notice they both have the very end of the stringer attached. If you look closely you will see the foam structure as well as a section of mahogany.

This answers the age old question that there is in fact a top piece of wood in the foam filled stringers !!


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