Desolation Sound

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We’ve wanted to go to Desolation Sound for some time. This year it finally happened.

We started by cruising over to Gabriola Island on the first leg, then to Pender Harbour on the 2nd leg then to Grace Harbour, a total of 106 miles. The skies were clear and the seas were calm. Just the way we like it!…………………..


Half way up Malaspina Straight there was a passenger transfer between Nordic Scot and Breakaway

P1060600 P1060601 P1060602 P1060603

Rounding Sarah Point and the first sight of the towering peak of Mt. Denman was every bit the excitement  that we had heard about. Just amazing….. click on any of these pictures to enlarge.


Our 2 week itinerary included Grace Harbour, Tenedos Bay, Prideux Heaven and Laura Cove, Squirrel Cove and Gorge Harbour but as usual the final float plan evolved along the way…

We were cruising with the crew from Breakaway and  Adagio  and we met up with Desolation Veterans Nola Dene and Nordic Scot who were great tour guides and teachers!

IMG-20140729-00234 IMG-20140729-00235

Rafted in Grace Harbour

Rafted in Grace Harbour

P1060662P1060763 P1060720 P1060721

Around every corner and down every inlet the scenery is simply awesome!


Tolly Roger Cruising in Desolation


Karly joined us half way through the trip by flying into Prideaux Haven.



Arriving in style Arriving in Style thanks to Corilair !

Bohm (2)

We had a great time in Laura Cove! So much we stayed an extra couple of days !!

P1060896P1060900 P1060901 P1060902P1060906DSC_0420DSC_0286

Stern tied in Laura Cove

Stern tied in Laura Cove

A Big “Hit” on the trip was the “RELAXATION STATION”
Thanks Bob for transporting it!


We hiked in to many of the fresh water lakes inland from the anchorages.

Unwin Lake at Tenedos Bay and Black Lake from Roscoe Bay were excellent swimming for people and the dogs!


Looking for Tolly

Looking for Tolly


There were many Dinghy Rides and Floating Happy Hours along the way……………

DSCN3292 DSCN3293DSCN3265030DSCN3254CIMG4171


Bow Party

Chillin’ in Squirrel Cove

Bohm (4)


We left Prideaux Haven and headed to Squirrel Cove


We hiked over to Van Donop inlet. It’s a great hike, well marked trail and good trails.

CIMG4172 CIMG4176 CIMG4177 CIMG4178 CIMG4179CIMG4170

From there we headed to Gorge Harbour

P1060987 P1070003P1070013P1070009P1070010P1070004

Gorge Harbour Marina is an excellent facility. Great docks, a very good store and a fantastic restaurant.

They even had a Yoga Class every Morning !


We dinghy’d over to Mansons Landing to dig a few clams for a delicious dinner !

IMG-20140807-00265 IMG-20140807-00266CIMG4204

We left Gorge Harbour and headed straight down ending up in the Gulf Islands for our last night.

It was a long run but the sea was calm so we decided just to go for it.


Such a GREAT trip ! We can’t wait to go back up and explore again…………

DSCN3406Bohm (6)





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  1. stevemonrad says:

    Great post, fantastic pictures! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. great blog Mark. So much fun. Cant wait to go again. m & P

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