Early Winter Project…….New Flooring

First Winter Project this year is new flooring.

For a couple of reasons we wanted to replace the flooring in the galley, head and stateroom in Tolly Roger.

When we got the boat the “head” had been tiled with a 2×2 white tile but the job was not properly done and some tiles were badly cracked. It was difficult to get the floor really clean and the Vacuflush Toilet was not properly seated and sealed,


Head with OLD Tiled Floor

The Galley and Stateroom were engineered wood flooring that was in great shape until I damaged it (beyond repair)  installing the new fridge earlier this year. The new fridge was slightly taller and it was a tight fit. The bottom had some very sharp edges and while sliding it in place the sharp corner scratched through the flooring. Big Mistake!

floorbefore (1)

Old Flooring in Galley

So…. the hunt was on to find flooring .

Some time ago we found a product by LONSEAL Marine. They sent us a few samples and we really liked it.

Lonseal is a very heavy duty vinyl flooring product that comes in a few styles.

We chose the mahogany and teak as it matched the colour of the Tolly Interior best.


Lonseal 73SE

I was a bit surprised to find that there is no local dealer for the product and the best place I found to buy the flooring (and the special glue) was on-line at  DEFENDER

Prep work was relatively minimal although I did add a new subfloor in the head and under the fridge to make it level with the other floor.

Now the challenge was to find someone to install it!        It’s a very small area with way too many angles for me.

It’s a challenge to get a lot of thing done in Point Roberts so it was no surprise that there was nobody at “The Point” that installed vinyl…. carpet yes but not vinyl.

After a few calls and an internet search  I found an installer in Bellingham that would come up and install it.  You buy it we install it flooring….. perfect! just what we need!

Glenn is a great guy and did an amazing job of the installation and really “went the extra mile” to make sure there were no seams and every corner fit perfectly! I highly recommend Glenn if you need any kind of flooring done.

Point Roberts-20131122-00607 Point Roberts-20131122-00608 Point Roberts-20131122-00609 Point Roberts-20131122-00610
Here is Glenn cutting out the Lonseal using his paper templates that he painstakingly crafted. Note that he brought a roll end of carpet underlay to roll out on the dock to keep the new flooring clean and dry. Smart trick I thought…

Point Roberts-20131122-00616 Point Roberts-20131122-00617

Above is the flooring just after gluing and rolling.

Below is the “head” with the new floor

Head New Floor

Head with New Floor

Next was to re-install the  doors and trim pieces and finally the fridge.
This time I have covered the bottom of the fridge with felt pads and was EXTRA careful sliding it back in.

Galley Floor

Galley Floor

We really like the look of the new flooring and I am glad this project is wrapped up !

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2 Responses to Early Winter Project…….New Flooring

  1. captnmike says:

    Nice looking job and the vinyl has a nice “marine” look

    I did a couple of easier vinyl projects way in the past. I made the templates by first making a large template out of heavy paper that was a bit smaller than the area I was covering with vinyl. Then I made smaller pieces of templates out of the same heavy paper to fit right to the edge of the area to be covered. Then I taped the smaller part of the template to the larger base template, I then repeated this several times until I got all the way around the area with the smaller pieces taped to the larger part of the template to make one larger template. Mine did not look as good as yours but worked the same way.

  2. Doug Unwin says:

    I installed the teak and holly lonseal in the salon/galley of our 37 Tolly “UNWIND”. It looks great, cleans easy and after a year looks brand new.

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