With the Fall weather in full swing now this will likely be the last cruising entry for the year. Seems like the season went by too quickly but we had a good cruising year and already have some ideas for next year.

We attended the 2013 Canadian Tollycruisers Rendezvous September 12-15, 2013. The weather was SPECTACULAR !



Telegraph Harbour Marina does a great job every year for the rendezvous.

This year’s theme was “Pyjama Party”
P1040217 P1040339 P1040330 P1040243 P1040336

Peggy and Maria organized the first annual Golf Classic.


The final challenge was to land a tee shot into a floating dinghy. Lots of fun and I think it was a big hit with everyone!


P1040299 P1040305 P1040306 P1040307 P1040308 P1040309 P1040317 P1040318 P1040319 P1040320 P1040322 P1040323 P1040324 P1040325 P1040326 P1040327 P1040328 P1040296

For those of you who are interested in the Tollys that were there, here is a slide show of a few…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday Night’s dinner was a great time. As usual Terry arranged that every boat won a prize!

P1040335 P1040343 P1040344 P1040345 P1040348 P1040349 P1040352 P1040353 P1040354 P1040355

As a true sign that FALL had arrived, we awoke Sunday Morning to dense FOG!

P1040256 P1040257 P1040258 P1040259 P1040260

As it turned out the weather lifted enough by mid morning for us to head out.

IMG-20130915-00489 IMG-20130915-00490 IMG-20130915-00491 IMG-20130915-00492

As we came out of Active Pass it looked like crossing the “Straight” looked like it might be interesting.
A fairly large storm cloud loomed over but it actually proved to be less in size that we thought and although I was
glad we had the new  RADAR, we actually were fine.

Another GREAT Canadian Tollycruiser Rendezvous.
If you’ve never attended one, you should. They are a lot of fun, very informal and a wonderful bunch of people from all walks of life that come together to share a common interest in boating and Tollycraft Boats !


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