Summer Cruzin’

This year our first stop was Prevost Harbor and  Stuart Island State Park
Prevost would be the meeting spot for Breakaway, Abraxis, Adagio and Untide!


P1030822 P1030823


We walked, hiked, kayaked,played lots of games, relaxed, walked again and dinghy rafted for many “happy hours”

P1030757 P1030760 P1030773 P1030774 P1030762 P1030767

P1030826 P1030827 P1030828

Celebrating ADAGIO and her crew

Celebrating ADAGIO and her crew

One highlight was the official renaming ceremony of Adagio, Monica and Marcelo’s new to them Beneteau 343.

We were treated to an AMAZING Portuguese Crab Feast !  Thanks to Maria

ed. note : I am not sure where all those ducks came from or their significance to the ceremony. ( Must be an “N” dock thing)

Here’s a little slide show of the  ceremony that Marcelo skillfully mastered.

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After a few days we left Prevost for Bedwell and Poets Cove with a slight diversion to see Turn Point from the water

Tolly Roger at the  Turn Point Light Station

Tolly Roger at the
Turn Point Light Station


Adagio with sails up

Poets Cove Marina

P1030878 P1030879 P1030880 P1030881 P1030882

We took the Dinghy’s under the bridge to Port Browning for some needed supplies.

P1030919 P1030933 P1030911 P1030910 P1030893 P1030891

Then it was time to head to our next destination but first we took the “Big Boats” under the bridge.

This was the first of a few “bucket list” things I wanted to do.
Thanks to the crew on Breakaway and UnTide for their help guiding the way!


CIMG3070 CIMG3074

Tolly Roger and UnTide

We slowly cruised around the East Side of North Pender and arrived in Otter Bay. Adagio and Abraxis cruised up the West Side.

Here’s a short video of Breakaway and UnTide cruising up Navy Channel

DSC_0275 DSC_0315 P1030988


Otter Bay Marina


Otter Bay Marina

We spent 2 night s at Otter Bay. There was Golfing, More dinghy rides, dog walking and more great weather.

P1040084 CIMG3092

Next Up was TOD INLET

CIMG3091 CIMG3090

Thanks to Phil we were able to Anchor, stern Tie and Raft as a group

P1040085 P1040084 CIMG3092

The water was so warm, everyone swam even the dogs!

Rafted in Tod Inlet

Rafted in Tod Inlet


Summer 2013 348 Summer 2013 349

Tod Inlet is on the back side of Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay BC.

The land was a cement plant and is now a Provincial Park

Although it was very busy, I was impressed with Tod Inlet. Great trails to walk and very peaceful.

Flying Roger

Flying Roger

Here’s a short video of Roger swimming

We left Abraxis and Freeboard who headed for home and headed North

A very nice, slow cruise through Samsom Narrows and ending at Telegraph Harbour

IMG-20130811-00430 IMG-20130811-00437

We spent 2 nights there and headed to Wallace Island, where we re-joined Adagio

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For more information on the History of Wallace Island Click HERE

Chillin on the bow

Chillin on the bow

Shallow Stern Tie

Shallow Stern Tie

Anchored and Stern Tied!

Anchored and Stern Tied!

Here is a link to the book “Once Upon an Island”

We had a great time at Wallace and definitely will return. It is so peaceful and feels like you are a million miles away. It was another “bucket list” thing for me and it lived up to all that I had heard about it.


From Wallace we made a quick stop at Montague and a trip to the Hummingbird Pub was in order.

As the weather was changing decided to head home a day early.

Summer 2013 470 P1040202

It was a great 14 days on the water with great friends! Lots of really good memories !!

Roger That………………..Rover and Out

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