July Cruise – Interrupted – Finding the true meaning of LUCKY

We started out for a 12 Day Cruise at Reid Harbor, Stuart Island for a night and then traveled to the Annual Tollycraft Rendezvous in Roche Harbor. It was a great cruise over the “straight” with calm seas. We found space at the dock on Reid and spent the night there.

Click on any of these pictures to view a larger image………………

Capital G-20130626-00321Reid 13

The theme for this years Rendezvous was “Cruise Ship Hawaii”  and we teamed up with  Phil and Maria; Ralph and Renee; and Ross and Miriam……….so much fun

942114_658987884115880_1636620203_nP1030551 P1030552P1030537


A great time was had by all. It was nice to see our Tollycraft friends and catch up on all their news. The “Happy Hour” pants came out in full force and we dressed for dinner in our “Life Jacket Drill” attire….

CIMG3051CIMG3049 CIMG3050CIMG3048

Roger was invited to swim in “Roche Lake” and took full advantage of the long walks and exercise.  He also participated in his fist “Pet Parade”


Roger even met some new friends…… here he is with a 12 week old brown PWD named “Salty”


We had planned on being out 12 days and following a group back to Stuart for a few days then onto Friday Harbor but we had to cut our trip short and head home to deal with a very sick cat. So, on Sunday we headed back home

We were sorry that we missed the “after party” and the 4th of July fireworks but….. family comes first !

We are very lucky to have Family.

After a few days at the vet, luckily the cat survived is recuperating.

Luckily the weather held and we were able to head out again on Thursday. Being the July 4th Long Weekend we, (or at least I) thought it would be busy everywhere.
We decided to take our chances and head to Sucia for the weekend.

Our luck continued as there were several mooring buoys to choose from.

IMG_5075suchia island 018

We spent the day relaxing, walking the trails and Roger showed us that his swimming lessons from Tolly have really paid off!


The weather was luckily “spectacular” with sunny skies and hot days.


Now here’s where our LUCK takes off.

On Friday, our friends from…. “Untied” – “Twice is Nice” – “Adagio” – “1K4415” (aka Breakaway…. they just can’t commit ) and new friends from “MV Nola-Dene” made their way  to Fossil Bay for the weekend.

P1030645 P1030646 P1030686P1030649P1030618

We’ve met some really good friends since we started boating and LUCKILY we were able to spend some time with them on this trip.
“I just want to say”…… how nice it was for them to meet us at Sucia and spend the weekend and the balance of their cruise with us.

Roger was in heaven with his friend Tolly and new friends Maddie and Nemo


Here’s a little photo album slideshow of our weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are lucky to have such great friends. We are lucky to live where we live and lucky that we are able to enjoy these times………

Lucky,….that’s what we are……..and that’s what this cruise was……………………

suchia island 045

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