Annual Summer Cruise with MV Bunbury

Summer Cruise ………….July 26 – Aug 6, 2012

The Route

The cruise plan was set a few months ago. We figured it would be better to plan it and make some marina reservations before setting off.

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So, we decided on a circle route: Point Roberts to Prevost Hbr, Stuart Island – to Deer Harbor – to Jones Island – to Sidney marina – to Ganges Marina – to Montague (Galiano) and home. 11 days – 95 NM and we wont mention how much fuel.

Much fun was had by all. We lucked out with the weather and moorage and saw some new places…..

Jones Island

Jones Island (my new favorite spot)  Luckily, we got the last 2 mooring buoys and an hour later the bay filled up !

Spot the Tolly’s ?

Linear Tie at Prevost, Stuart Island

Deer Harbor at low tide!

If you are interested in marine AIS (Automatic Identification System) the “screen print” below was taken from my Brother’s computer.

You can track AIS equipped boats here: AIS

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1 Response to Annual Summer Cruise with MV Bunbury

  1. Bunbury says:

    Great recount of the trip…watched it with a smile!

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