Canada Day 2012 @ Sucia

We spent the long weekend at Sucia. We were surprised that it was not busier.
Several boats stayed for a short time but there was lots of room at the dock
and on the mooring buoys.

Tolly Roger at Sucia Island

Sunset over Fox Cove

The weather could have been better but it was great to be away and have the girls along this time.
We managed to sneak in a couple of walks across the island, played a few board games and realxed!
Next year we’ll have to convince Kyle to join us!

Kayaks in Fossil Bay

We thought we’d go the whole weekend without seeing another Tolly and just then Jolly Mon  arrived and got a great spot on the dock.

Jolly Mon

A Sunset to the west and a Rainbow in Fossil Bay


Sun sets over Fox Cove

A great weekend even if it rained…….

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