All New Windows

One of the things that needed attention on the new boat were the original windows. They needed to be rebuilt and have the flex mohair tracks replaced . We knew this when we bought the boat, so no surprise there and having rebuilt the ones in the 26, I was familiar with how these windows could be fixed. Click HERE for that post.

After closer inspection and some research, we decided to buy all new windows .
There are 8 in total including the 3 fronts and the small slider in the galley.

New Windows

The new windows came from Bounty Marine in Portland (now in Anacortes, WA).
John knows Tollycraft windows, has all the original drawings and was very easy to work with.

We also opted for the custom powder coating in the Tollycraft colour!

Installation was straightforward. Some minor “re-shaping” of the openings was required. I used a small belt sander to adjust the radius corners.
Thankfully the plywood cabin sides are all in excellent condition.
We used the double sided 1/2″ foam tape to seal the frames to the sides.
No leaking for these windows!

Port Side New Windows

The 3 Front Windows were last to install.

These new front windows will not hold water on the outside corners like the old ones!

We are really pleased with these windows and glad we decided to replace them.

I’m glad this project is finished and we can get on to the next one.

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2 Responses to All New Windows

  1. Ron says:

    How much did it cost to purchase the windows? Who would you recommend for install?

    • Tolly Roger says:

      Hi Ron,
      You would need to talk with John at Bounty Marine for pricing. I think you’ll find him very easy to work with. He may have some installers he knows in your area as well.

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