Winter work 2010-2011

And so it begins……. First and major winter project is to get the engine and transmission out and send them in for a rebuild. They are both running “fine” at the moment, but I want to gain a little more peace of mind knowing that the drive system is in top notch shape.

First you need to get the boat into the shop for the winter

Next, get the engine and transmission out!

The transmission went to Harbor Marine for a “checkup” (Thanks Mike) and the engine to Pro Speed Custom and marine engines. The block will be rebuilt as a “383” with all new parts including new heads.

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2 Responses to Winter work 2010-2011

  1. Nice work on your blog, Tolly Roger. I just happened to follow the link on the Tollyclub rudder improvement posting. Looks like you have been blogging for almost a year and have been doing many boat projects, too. BIG FUN!! The engine and trans look nice and shiny……I’ll bet you make Ganges in under an hour.
    Keep cruisin’

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